About Kim

I am the youngest of three girls, born and lived in Waterloo most of my life. My Dad lives in Arizona for the winters and Iowa on a beautiful lake during the summer. My beautiful Mother passed away in 2000, and we miss her every day as she was my best friend. I have two sisters, one in Des Moines and my sister and her husband in Lexington, Kentucky. I have six nieces and nephews.

I am the Operations, Programming and Creative Services Manager for an NBC affiliate in Waterloo. Television is a very demanding career so our trips are my soul renewal.

After several dates I knew I was with a man that had “the wanderlust”! Jeff wanted to “go somewhere” for the weekend. I was thinking 2 to 3 hours away-nice weekend-we ended up traveling 10 hours each way and I had the time of my life. Since then we have always found our travels to be rejuvenating. My Dad always wanted to keep on the move, and explore so I guess I married a man just like my Dad.

When Jeff introduced me to the aurora and Ham radio I was hooked. I have a Fine Arts degree and love photography, so this was right up my alley. It is hard to remember to take pictures when you are watching the beautiful display in the heavens.

I love to read, so the hours we spend sitting in our truck just waiting for something to happen, I spend with my trusty booklight. I have been known to read up to five books a week in this fashion.

We have one dependent, his name is Buddy and he is the most spoiled dog this side of the Mississippi. I waited for many years to get Buddy-each trip Jeff took without me I made sure he knew it would one day cost him a puppy! And finally last winter after he had spent a month in northern Canada-he went with me to Wisconsin to pick up our Buddy. He has been a gift, and makes us laugh every day.

There is nothing more important than the time we spend with each other, the people we meet along the way, and the beautiful places that we see.


About Jeffrey

I come from the state of Iowa, which is also the home of John Wayne and Captain James T. Kirk. When Kim and I are not in transit, we enjoy life at home in Waterloo. Some of my interests are philosophy, human nature, psychology, history, and most recently, poetry. I do not consider myself “heavy” in nature but I also spend many hours contemplating why people act the way they do. As I believe one’s interests tell much of a person, here are some of mine:

Favorite masterpiece: Sergei Prokofiev’s 16th. Violin concerto, second movement

Favorite food: sauerkraut

Favorite Poets: Marina Tsvetaeva and Anton Chekhov

Favorite movie: Every Which Way But Loose

Favorite movie stars: Slim Pickens and Marlene Dietrich

Favorite play: The Rise and Fall of The City of Mahogony by Bertold Brecht

Favorite train engine: CNW GP7’s and Milwaukee Road E and F-units

Favorite natural phenomenon: The Tunguska Event

Favorite sports: auto racing and Ice hockey

Favorite places in the USA: Flamingo, Florida and Cloverdale, New Mexico

Favorite book: Spandau by A. Speer

Favorite spot on Mars: either the Malea Planum or Hecates Tholus

Favorite works: Goethe’s Faust

Favorite film: The Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky

As with one’s favorite things, there is also their counterparts or dislikes. Although there are few things I dislike, there are a few things I have often found difficult, or hard to understand. Some of the common negatives are shown below:

Things I do not care for: Peas, snakes, centipedes and mosquitoes

Things to which I found hardest to master: the Cyrillic alphabet and three staff music for pedal organ

Things I find outstanding in history: How so many changes could have taken place in our lifetime. How we have come from the “wild west” to the “space race” in one generation.

Looking back, I find it un-imaginable that the former Soviet Union could have gone the way it did in 1991. Looking ahead, I’m afraid the “days of old” are gone forever.

I would like to say thank you to all the people who have visited our website. Without common interest, the aurora would be nothing more than just memories.