Tonight’s NDB photo

      Good evening.   I shall keep my promise to display more NDB photos during these times of poor solar activity.   Tonight’s NDB comes from Bemidji, Minnesota.  This beauty was found near a new housing area on the outside of town.  My how times have changed.   The more precise location was EN27nk.  Surprisingly, this beacon […]

NDB Photos

Albeit not related to vhf radio aurora, I do find these old machines quite fascinating.   During these solar doldrums, or at least until the background x-ray flux may try to manage a meager B1 or higher value, perhaps the public would enjoy a few photos of the beacons of yesteryear.  Whilst listening for the aurora one thing […]


Many years have passed since we began our travel and research in the North. During this time, data and information was gained, along with meaningful experiences. I do believe it is now time to pass along some of this information. In the near future, new VHF radio aurora returns will be shown. However, the site […]

A Few Scenes

Good evening.   Below are a few photos of scenes and locales from the past.   Late afternoon near Chatanika, Alaska.                     One of the fringe benefits whilst working at night.                         More aurora photos can be seen […]

BP65 over Poker Flat

A December morning looking down over the Poker Flat Research Range.

Dueling Banjos

Here is a sample of the BP51 and BP75 beacons reaching near resonance with 2 kcs separation during a mild disturbance at about 15 wpm. To ease identification, I later slowed the Circle City keyer to produce separate tonal qualities. BP51 and BP75 beacons au