IN 353 Raize NDB

 Happy Autumnal Equinox to one and all.   Tonight’s feature takes us to the Raize NDB near International Falls,  Minnesota.   A powerful and handsome NDB is found among muskeg, spruce and birch.  Ground conductivity appears to be from good to superb in this wonderful locale.  The beacon runs 100 watts from EN38il. It is somewhat easy to hear […]

Dubuque, Iowa NDB

      A most pleasant good evening to everyone, lest one day from the long weekend.   Tonight we shall visit the historic Dubuque, Iowa NDB.   The location may seem to resemble the likes of the old world.   Beautiful lush greens and vibrant gardens abound.        For those that may wish a visit, DB 341 is located near […]

Barro 341 Fort Dodge, Iowa

    Another good pleasant evening to everyone.   As we all know, the autumnal equinox is approaching rapidly and our chance for aurora is here again.   However, with the dull numbers (2.8GHz flux @74.9, x-ray flux at A6) we still have two spots.  As there is still little activity at one AU, I find no reason to withhold the […]

Little Falls, Minnesota

      A most pleasant good evening to everyone.   Tonight’s feature takes us to Little Falls, Minnesota.   LXL  was found near EN25tw, in North central Minnesota.  The transmit format is quite long, nearly forty seconds.   However, with the long TWEB (or if one wishes to be modern, “AWOS”) broadcast, the cw ident can be painfully slow during periods […]

Ashland, Wisconsin

Good evening everyone.   Tonight we shall visit beautiful Ashland, Wisconsin.  Location was EN46nn on an October weekend.   The photo below was taken of a Wisconsin DOT traffic information station transmitting on 1610 kcs on your radio dial.   I do suppose 530 khz would have been more romantic, but one takes what one receives. Last, but […]

Hugoton, Kansas

Good Saturday evening everyone.   Tonight’s NDB comes from beautiful Kansas.   Took this photo just off US route 56 near Hugoton, Kansas.   Exact location was DM97hd and transmitting on 365 kcs.   A beautiful and quiet spot.   The picnic lunch with the wife beneath the wire would be nice, minus the snakes and prairie dogs.


       Good evening once again.   In keeping with the promise, we shall now again visit a distant NDB.   Tonight’s locale is from Perry, Iowa.      Perry (not to be mistaken for Pip Perri Pembo of children’s novels) is located in EN21wt in southwestern Iowa.  Carrier frequency is 251kcs with the upper sideband predominating at about […]


      Good evening everyone.   Tonight’s episode takes us to W9 land near La Crosse, Wisconsin.  At one time, Herr Heilmann (Old Style Beer) used to boast of this area as “God’s country”.  I do not think anyone can dispute his claim.  This NDB sits nestled among the hills of the region.        This is one […]

Wednesday evening’s NDB photo

      Good evening all.   Tonight we shall visit a remote spot from southern Iowa.   Tonight’s feature is from south of Creston, Iowa.           Found this beacon in a beautiful locale, surrounded by rural farm land.   Exact location was EN20tw.   The site bears the call sign “Union County” but still preserves a touch and note of olde […]

Tuesday evening’s NDB photo

    Good evening everyone.   Tonight’s ndb takes us off to beautiful Caledonia, Minnesota.   The area is exceptional with many rolling hills and scenic vistas, and Caledonia was no exception.   By the time I finally made it with camera to the beacon site, CHU had just gone qrt.  It does appear I am always a day late.   […]