Region 11158 and XWY NDB

       Good afternoon everyone.  A semi-milestone has happened today as we topped 95.0 on the 10.7 cm flux.  Today’s active region (11158) has just produced a moderate sized emission while (in Earth-bound terms)  near the central meridian.  More fascinating appears to be the relationship of regions 11156, 11157, 11158, 11159 and their alignment to an unmentioned coronal flow with its locus between the group and nearing the center of the disk.   Time now: 20:18 utc on 2-13-11.    Also note (as I am assure you are aware) there will be telemetry changes to the Proton and Magnetometer data via GOES soon.

        Now off to West Union, Iowa and home to the XWY beacon.

XWY 278

       I would consider the XWY/b one of my locals, of which has been off for some time now.  The beacon location is EN42cw and is somewhat easy to locate.  Funny, as I cursed it when she was running, now I long for her return.

West Union, Iowa

     Thank you again for visiting, and until next time.


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