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      Good afternoon everyone.  Since the sun is still fairly quiet, we shall stick with our NDB photo tour.  This next ndb comes from rural Northwest Iowa.   Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the beautiful PUF 345 ndb.

PUF 345 near Estherville, Iowa

     This particular ndb was found in a remote locale.   There were no fences and no power lines.  The beacon actually lies within a public state hunting ground.


     The location is roughly EN23pi in Northwest Iowa.  It appears obvious that this beacon has been here for some time now.

345 kcs AM exciter


Kim and I have been back several times to this beautiful, quiet location.  It would seem to present an ideal spot in early fall for that picnic lunch in the tall grass.   I can almost imagine it now:  sitting on the blanket whilst eating a ham sandwich with a glass of wine and watching that beautiful beacon pose in the sunset.  Splendid.

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