Good evening everyone.   There has been some talk about the TWM 243 (Two Harbors, MN.) ndb going qrt in a short period of time.  With this in mind, perhaps we should visit another beautiful beacon.

Two Harbors, Minnesota.

    TWM 243 is located in EN47db and runs about 25 watts.  Both sidebands can be copied at about 1,040 hz with ease.

TWM 243 ndb

     Since the beacon is still qrv, we all have time for one last listen.  We all need to enjoy this fine beacon while we still can.  Before too long it will be too late.   Years from now we will all be saying: “remember that old TWM beacon?”.   

One last look

      So:  before you have your last coffee, your last cigarette, or when you let the dog out for the last time before bedtime, please remember good old TWM.

Enough said.


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