Silver Bay Light

    Good evening all,

please pardon my delay as I have been out of town.    Does anyone here recall the old Silver Bay, MN. maritime  light (ndb) that sat on the edge of the breakwater?   Today the beacon is gone, but the BFW aerodrome ndb is still working.

BFW 350 Silver Bay, Minnesota

     The ndb is located roughly EN47 hotel gulf and can be viewed from the airport without difficulty.   Silver Bay is one of the few remaining ndb’s with encoded TWEB.   Actually, one should keep up with the times and state AWOS rather than the outdated TWEB.   There is a subtle irony to TWEB’s broadcast on NDBs that goes back some for time.   Back in the early 1990’s, many small, mid western airports began broadcasting their local wx via TWEB over the ndb’s AM frequency.  The practice blossomed, but soon seemed to fall apart.  By 2010 only a handful remain.   For myself, BFW 350 is hard to hear.  One can only imagine how much time is left for such a dying breed.

One of the last

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