Hotel 276

       Good pleasant evening to everyone from the last day in September, 2010.  Tonight we shall travel to Northern VE4 and the site of the old “hotel”.

Old "hotel" 276

     Back in the mid ’90’s we did extensive listening out of the Split Lake (EO16) area.  I recall slow periods when I would tune the NDB band and hear “Hotel” very clear.  Today the names have changed.  The old hotel is now lodged as “Headframe” and coded as ZTH. 

Headframe 276

         ZTH was found in EO15ct by my good friend Shawn, VE4SA.  Kim and myself tried several times to locate it, only to retreat after searching in circles.  Shawn and his son were able to take an off road ATV directly into the area and capture the scene.  Thank you again Shawn.

EO15ct remote

      ZTH is still much harder to hear than her sister (TH) down on 244kcs with 1,000 watts.  Both units run roughly a 400hz offset with nearly the same time duration and DAID.  ZTH may be a little easier to copy on USB minus about 375 hertz.   However, with names like “Hotel”, Nickelbelt” and “Headframe” the search is worth the wait.

Happy Days.

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