IN 353 Raize NDB

IN 353 International Falls, Minnesota

 Happy Autumnal Equinox to one and all.   Tonight’s feature takes us to the Raize NDB near International Falls,  Minnesota.   A powerful and handsome NDB is found among muskeg, spruce and birch.  Ground conductivity appears to be from good to superb in this wonderful locale.  The beacon runs 100 watts from EN38il.

IN 353 "Raize"

It is somewhat easy to hear this ndb.  I have the lazy (or lackadaisical) habit of initially tuning this beacon to its fundamental frequency on LSB, something to which my elders may find appalling.   The marker beacon truss and vertical support are also fascinating.

LOM "Raize"

 Author’s note:    Shortly before I took these photographs, the INL RWY 13 fan marker was decommissioned.  It does appear Jeffrey is always a day late.

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