Barro 341 Fort Dodge, Iowa

    Another good pleasant evening to everyone.   As we all know, the autumnal equinox is approaching rapidly and our chance for aurora is here again.   However, with the dull numbers (2.8GHz flux @74.9, x-ray flux at A6) we still have two spots.  As there is still little activity at one AU, I find no reason to withhold the beautiful artwork of NDB’s.   So here is tonight’s feature:

FO 341 "Barro" Fort Dodge, Iowa.

         On several late evenings (whilst tuning the VFO with earphones on and not looking at the frequency) I have been fooled into hearing this object at strong levels.   Upon my research (and another 807) it was somewhat the embarrassment to hear “FO”  sounding from Flin Flon with the same ident down on 250.  Shame on me.

Fort Dodge, Iowa. NDB

      This station appears to be of “latest” construction, but so was my home beacon of AL that was decommissioned in 2009.   How much longer do we have for such the dinosaur?

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