Good evening everyone.   Tonight’s episode takes us to W9 land near La Crosse, Wisconsin.  At one time, Herr Heilmann (Old Style Beer) used to boast of this area as “God’s country”.  I do not think anyone can dispute his claim.  This NDB sits nestled among the hills of the region.

LS 272 "Mindi" La Crosse, Wisonsin

       This is one of the closer beacons to my home qth, however it seems to be one of the hardest to hear.  It does seem to compete (I dislike the radio term “mixes”) with that of HNR 272 in Harlan, Iowa.  Mindi’s location was EN44ib, of which I can still recall the scenic beauty.  If anyone would care to elaborate on the marker beacon (look carefully), now is your time.  Also, does anyone here remember that jingle from the Old Style beer TV commercials?   Until next time.

North of La Crosse, Wisconsin

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