Tuesday evening’s NDB photo

    Good evening everyone.   Tonight’s ndb takes us off to beautiful Caledonia, Minnesota.   The area is exceptional with many rolling hills and scenic vistas, and Caledonia was no exception.   By the time I finally made it with camera to the beacon site, CHU had just gone qrt.  It does appear I am always a day late.   One thing I recall about the Caledonia ndb was its uniqueness in relationship to the airport.   Many small county airports seem to place their beacons at the aerodrome.   Caledonia was different.   The location was more subject to a middle marker as to those placed just beyond five miles acting as a non-precision LOM.  I would enjoy to elaborate on fan markers, but that is for another place in time.

Caledonia, Minnesota. CHU 209

      Meanwhile and nonetheless, Caledonia is now silent forever.  For several months thereafter, Air Nav and several charting sites still continued to show the published approach, a touching tribute to “sweet sweet Caledonia”.
For those interested, CHU was located in EN43go and sending on 209 kcs. RIP  OM
…  -.-

CHU 209

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