Region 11158 and XWY NDB

       Good afternoon everyone.  A semi-milestone has happened today as we topped 95.0 on the 10.7 cm flux.  Today’s active region (11158) has just produced a moderate sized emission while (in Earth-bound terms)  near the central meridian.  More fascinating appears to be the relationship of regions 11156, 11157, 11158, 11159 and their alignment to an […]

Little Sioux NDB photos

     Good afternoon all.   Today we visit a handsome beacon located in Spencer, Iowa.  Unlike many remote units, this one was just down the street from our motel and restaurant.       The Little Sioux NDB is located in EN23kd and runs 25 watts with an offset of about 1,020 hertz on both sidebands.            Spencer […]

Photos from PUF NDB

      Good afternoon everyone.  Since the sun is still fairly quiet, we shall stick with our NDB photo tour.  This next ndb comes from rural Northwest Iowa.   Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the beautiful PUF 345 ndb.      This particular ndb was found in a remote locale.   There were no fences and no power […]


      Good evening everyone.   There has been some talk about the TWM 243 (Two Harbors, MN.) ndb going qrt in a short period of time.  With this in mind, perhaps we should visit another beautiful beacon.     TWM 243 is located in EN47db and runs about 25 watts.  Both sidebands can be copied at about 1,040 hz […]


      Good evening everyone.  Tonight’s visit takes us to Northern Minnesota and the home of the Crane Lake NDB.       I have had great difficulty hearing this beacon for some time, even from the locales in VE4 and VE3.  The area is surrounded by hills and is located in roughly EN38sg.   Low-and-behold, I actually heard […]

Silver Bay Light

    Good evening all, please pardon my delay as I have been out of town.    Does anyone here recall the old Silver Bay, MN. maritime  light (ndb) that sat on the edge of the breakwater?   Today the beacon is gone, but the BFW aerodrome ndb is still working.      The ndb is located roughly EN47 hotel […]

A Most Unique NDB

     Good evening all from these few remaining days in October, 2010.   Wanted to share this NDB photo in particular, as it shows how things once were.  Tonight’s NDB photo takes us to Audubon, Iowa. Audubon is located in Southwest Iowa, or roughly EN21nq.         One can only hope the owner of the home does […]

MIW 239 NDB Now defunct for some time

     Hello again,   a thousand pardons for my long delay, as I have been out of town.   Tonight’s NDB takes us down the road to Marshalltown, Iowa.   Sadly, MIW has been qrt for some time now.  The last known reception was around May of 2006.  MIW is quite the odd place.  There seems to be […]

Hotel 276

       Good pleasant evening to everyone from the last day in September, 2010.  Tonight we shall travel to Northern VE4 and the site of the old “hotel”.      Back in the mid ’90’s we did extensive listening out of the Split Lake (EO16) area.  I recall slow periods when I would tune the NDB band and […]


     Good evening all.   Tonight’s NDB photo comes from Webster City, Iowa.   Nothing fancy to report about the beacon, except for the fact that it is still qrv.       The Webster City NDB is located near EN32bk and quite easy to locate.  One can only imagine the glory years when the towers were gleaming with […]